Thursday, November 20, 2008

The First Kill

Thomas made his first kill yesterday. He killed a HUGE hog. His Daddy killed the deer this morning.

Thomas is 11 years old today!! Happy Birthday!! He got a new rifle for his birthday. It wasn't firing right, so they bought new bullets (thinking that was the problem) and took it down to the shooting bench late yesterday afternoon. It shot fine with the new bullets and he got to shoot the hog on his way back home!

Reversible Vest

I made a reversible vest for Kenny to wear with the B.U.B.B.A. Ministries logo on it. The orange side has the logo and he intends to wear it to the woods and have an opening to tell people about the ministry. The camo side has a deer just because he didn't want the logo on both sides. We intend to offer them for sale if anyone is interested.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

File Folder Fun

File Folder Fun is a new site with lots of lapbook ideas, templates and support. They are having a giveaway. Please stop by and see what's there!

We love lapbooks as a way to display the things we learn. The kids learn really well with small "chunks" of information at a time. Each little book that goes into one of our lapbooks is just right for learning a little chunk. Then at the end of the unit, we put it all together in some file folders and we have review time. Then the kids present their masterpiece to some people, and they have review time again! It really reinforces the learning and helps the kids with presentation skills too.