Saturday, September 26, 2009

We have a girl!!

Lillie Marie was born at 12:43 am, September 26th. She is a tiny thing weighing only 5 lbs 8 oz. She's 18 inches long. She is beautiful and perfect. We are praising the Lord for her!! Pictures coming soon.


deemarielak said...

Im so happy for you and Kenny and the sure she is precious. God is Blessing the world with another healty Baby...who has the same middle name as me..LOL..God Bless Sister..hope to see you and Lillie very soon..

aldansmommy said...

AWW.congrats! Audrey got her little sister!..YAY!...what a tiny,neat bundle of joy...I can't believe my Aldan was that little too.he was.5lbs,5oz..18 inches long...NEAT!..ENJOY!...hope the boys don't "toughen" her up too quickly for ya...hehe

Windmills and Tulips said...

Congratulations Cindy. She's beautiful. God bless you and your family. She is a gift from the Lord. xox