Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Acrostic Poetry

At "Poetry Pals" time at the Library yesterday we learned about acrostic poems. You take a word, write it vertically, then write a line of the poem beginning with each letter of the word. Thomas hates poetry and grumbled about even going. But after Miss Linda taught what acrostic poems were and then asked who wanted to write their own, Thomas was excited about doing it! All the kids were. Here are their poems.


Kids like to have fun
It's fun because we can climb trees
Deer hunting is fun when we kill our first deer
Sun's heat does not stop us from playing


Fins help them swim
It is fun
Hot on the lake
Iin the boat
Not one but two trout
Gulp is the best bait

BROTHER (Philip)

Really nice
On the
He is
Ever playing and

Thanks to Tina for taking the pictures! I'll be including all the kids poems (9 of them) in our Homeschool Fellowship November newsletter.

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