Friday, December 12, 2008

The Flood

Don't you love it when your children are helpful? Daniel (the 7 year old) was cleaning out the dog pens and he fell down in, well, stuff that's found in dog pens. He brought his clothes in and put in the laundry room utility sink to soak...sounds helpful, right? Well, he put in a BUNCH of laundry detergent, turned the sink on wide open...then went to get a bath! Where was I? Around...trying to fix supper, supervise Philip getting in the bathtub with Daniel, etc. By the time I realized what happened, the laundry room, mud room, art studio, dining room and our bathroom were flooded with soapy water!!! The good news is we have vinyl floors, so they just got a good washing. The only damage was to the baseboards, and they're not that bad, just a little peeling paint in a few places. Praise the Lord!! Kenny arrived home shortly after I discovered the water. The boys greeted him outside with "Don't go in there." I had the rainbow vacuum out and he grabbed the shop vac. It filled both many times with water before we got it all sucked up and the floors dry. Daniel got a lesson on proper detergent usage and NEVER EVER leave the water running in the utility sink.

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Iva said...

Oh no! Bless your heart. (Although I am glad that I'm not the only house where things like this happen. LOL)