Friday, December 12, 2008

Playing Hookey

One Sunday morning, we got up, got ready for church, then arguments started. You ever have those days? Finally Daddy said he'd had enough and he wasn't going to church (we rarely miss church, but Daddy didn't have to preach anywhere this day). A few minutes later, after the kids had calmed down and stopped arguing, Daddy came out and said to change our clothes, put on walking shoes, and get loaded in the van. He took us to Cypress Gardens!! We had a blast. He then treated us to supper at Outback on the way home. Daddy didn't even turn his cell phone on the entire day! The next morning when he still didn't answer the phone, we had friends coming to look for us (LOL)!

We all rode roller coasters and water slides...we got soaked!!

The Cypress Gardens Ski Show is world famous. This day they only did a 6-person pyramid. I've seen photos with 12-people.

We all enjoyed the rides, even Philip.

Philip doesn't like bananas, but Daddy thought the banana trees were cool.

Audrey of course loved the Southern Belles.

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