Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quick Birthday Gift

I needed a quick birthday gift one day. I made this Little Artist Drawing Case (pattern from CraftApple) and a cloth grocery bag to match. I "wrapped" the case in the bag, and had nothing to throw away!
I added twistable crayons and a drawing pad to the drawing case on my way to the party. The little boy loves the drawing case, and Mama was thrilled to get the bag, she uses it as her purse.
The bag is from a couple of tutorials at (Grocery Bag and handle tutorial) and used a plastic grocery bag as the pattern. The bag I can make cut to finish in under 30 minutes!! The drawing case takes less than an hour.

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The Treffeisens said...

These are cool. You should submit the post to Tip Junkie - and you'll probably be featured, too!