Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Quick Clothespin Bags

I needed a clothespin bag in a hurry. Mine was literally falling apart. I have a terrible habit of leaving it out on the line, and the sun has just about disentegrated my old one. I found lots of great tutorials for sewing really cute clothespin bags, but I did not have enough time for them. So Audrey donated a shirt and I sewed the bottom closed, put it on a child's hanger and it was ready to use!

The weight of the pins stretched it a bit and it is now a little "longer" than when I took the photo, but it is still working well.

Update a few minutes later...I decided I don't like the stretch of the shirt bag. So I stole a pair of Philip's overalls. They had snap leg bottoms...I hate snap leg baby pants. They always pop open, it's so much easier to just take them off to change the diaper. So here's the new bag. Isn't it adorable?


The Treffeisens said...

Definitely like the overalls better, too. Very cute!

craftymom said...

Love the overalls clothespin holder. Very creative!